Why is My Natural Black Hair Turning Red? (Explained)

Why is My Natural Hair Turning Red

Have you ever caught a glimpse of yourself in the mirror and wondered, “Why is my hair turning red?”

If so, you’re not alone. Many people notice a surprising shift in their hair color over time, often leaning towards red hues. This unexpected change may make you curious about the causes behind it.

This blog post aims to provide insightful explanations to these burning questions, delving into reasons why your natural black hair may be turning red, the effects of aging, harsh chemical product, and even pregnancy on your hair color.

Quick Answer: If you natural black colour hair is turning red, here are some of the reason for this issue

  • Your hair might be exposed to Sun for too long
  • You might have been washing your hair with hard water
  • Your diet is lacking vitamin and nutrients for hair
  • Or, you might have been taking some medication

Why is My Natural Hair Turning Red? (Detail Explanation)

Your natural hair turning red can be quite surprising, especially when you have no history of red hair in your family. Nevertheless, it can happen due to various reasons.

For instance, prolonged exposure to the sun can sometimes cause a red tinge in your hair. This is because sunlight oxidizes and breaks down melanin, the pigment that determines hair color, leading to a lightening effect and often a reddish hue.

Another reason could be a diet rich in carotene, which is found in vegetables such as carrots and pumpkins. An overabundance of carotene can sometimes cause your hair to adopt a reddish hue. A change in your hair’s redness, in any case, is usually nothing to be overly concerned about.

Hard water is rich in dissolved minerals and when you use it for washing, it will coats hair strands with think layer of minerals. Over time, these build up give natural black hair reddish hue.

why my natural hair turning red: woman wrapping her hair with bath towel

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Black hair turning red and its relationship with aging

Age-related changes in hair color are common, yet often misunderstood. Your hair could turn red as you get older because of the decrease in melanin production.

The pigment eumelanin, which is responsible for brown and black shades, decreases, while pheomelanin, responsible for yellow and red hues, remains constant.

This imbalance can give your hair a more reddish appearance.

Additionally, environmental factors and nutritional changes that come with age could play a role in your hair turning red.


In conclusion, there are various reasons why your hair might be turning red.

It could be due to natural environmental factors, dietary changes, aging, the process and aftermath of dying or bleaching your hair, and even hormonal changes during pregnancy.


Why is My Hair Turning Red After Dying it Black?

Dying hair black may seem straightforward, but sometimes, you might notice a red tone after a while. This is usually due to the color fading over time and the underlying warm tones becoming more visible. It’s not that your hair is actually turning red, but rather the red pigments in your hair are exposed as the black dye fades.

Why is My Hair Turning Red After Bleaching it Black?

Bleaching is a harsh process that strips your hair of its natural color. When you bleach black hair, it goes through various color stages, starting from dark brown, red, orange, and finally blonde.If your hair turns red after bleaching, it’s because the process has lifted some but not all of the darker pigments.

Why is My Hair Turning Red When Dying it Brown or Blonde?

When dying your hair brown or blonde, a red outcome might be due to the underlying pigments in your hair. All hair colors have underlying warm tones, and brown hair has a red underbase. If your hair is turning red when dying it brown or blonde, it’s typically because these warm undertones are shining through more than the applied dye.

Why is My Hair Turning Red During Pregnancy?

Believe it or not, even pregnancy can affect your hair color! The hormonal changes during pregnancy can affect the melanin production in your hair, causing it to darken, lighten, or even turn red in some cases.

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