Why do Wrestlers Wet Their Hair (Surprising Reason)

Why do wrestlers wet their hair

If you’re a wrestling enthusiast, you’ve likely noticed a common sight: wrestlers with wet hair.

Whether they are stepping into the ring or onto the screen, many wrestlers are often seen with a ‘fresh out of the shower’ look. But have you ever wondered why wrestlers wet their hair? Or, what products do they use to maintain that wet look?

In this blog post, we’ll delve into these questions and explore the reasons behind wrestlers having long hair and shaving their bodies.

Why do wrestlers wet their hair?

Why do wrestlers wet their hair

Wrestlers often wet their hair to ensure that their opponents can’t grip it easily during a match. Wet hair is slippery and difficult to hold onto, giving the wrestler with wet hair a slight advantage.

Moreover, the wet hair look adds an aesthetic appeal, enhancing their on-screen presence and charisma.

What do wrestlers use in their hair to make it look wet?

To maintain the wet look, wrestlers use a variety of hair products. Most commonly, they use hair gels or oils that give a shiny, wet appearance. Some wrestlers may also use leave-in conditioners or serums.

These products not only keep the hair looking wet but also protect and nourish the hair, preventing it from drying out or becoming damaged.

Why do wrestlers have long hair?

Long hair in wrestling isn’t just for aesthetics, it also serves a purpose. When a wrestler gets hit, they use their long hair to sell the impact of the hit.

They whip their hair back, making the strike seem more forceful to the audience. Additionally, long hair allows for more dramatic visuals and enhances a wrestler’s distinctive character.

Why do WWE wrestlers shave their bodies?

Body hair can cause friction, making it harder for wrestlers to slide out of holds or maneuvers.

Moreover, shaved bodies highlight muscle definition, adding to the visual appeal of the wrestlers.

It’s also essential for hygiene, as it’s easier to clean and disinfect a shaved skin surface, reducing the risk of skin infections.


In conclusion, the practices of wetting hair, having long hair, and shaving bodies in wrestling are not merely aesthetic choices.

They serve functional purposes that give wrestlers an edge during matches, contribute to their characters, and ensure their well-being.


Does Roman Reigns wet his hair?

Yes, like many wrestlers, Roman Reigns often steps into the ring with his hair wet. This practice makes his hair less easy to grip and adds to his overall presence.

Why are wrestlers’ hair so greasy?

The greasy look of wrestlers’ hair is often due to the use of hair products like gels and oils. These products help maintain the wet look, nourish the hair, and protect it from damage.

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