Is It Illegal To Tackle Someone By Their Hair? (NFL Rule)

Is It Illegal To Tackle Someone By Their Hair

In American football, there’s a strange debate about tackling players by their hair. Right now, it’s allowed because the rules say hair is part of a player’s uniform.

But the NFL is talking about maybe changing this rule. There’s a catch, though: if a player’s hair sticks out of their helmet or uniform, it can be pulled accidentally during tackles.

Remember, rules can be different in other football leagues and sports.

This article will look at this hair-pulling rule and what might happen in the future. As football keeps changing and safety becomes more important, this rule could change too. Keep reading to find out more about this interesting debate in football.

Is It Illegal To Tackle Someone By Their Hair?

Currently, tackling an opponent by their hair is legal in American football under certain conditions.

This allowance is justified by the fact that a player’s hair is considered an extension of their uniform. This means that if a player has long hair that hangs out the back of their helmet or uniform, opponents are free to grab or pull it.

However, there is one important exception to this rule.

If a player’s hair is not contained within their helmet or uniform and is hanging free, it is permissible to pull it unintentionally during a tackle.

This exception recognizes that players may inadvertently grab an opponent’s hair while playing.

The debate over hair-pulling tackles in American football is primarily about player safety and fairness.

Allowing opponents to target a player’s hair, critics argue, introduces unnecessary risks. A strong hair pull can cause head and neck injuries, and some believe it should be banned from the game to prioritize player safety.

On the other hand, supporters of the current rule argue that a player’s hair, like their jersey or helmet, is part of their uniform.

They argue that changing the rule will create a Pandora’s box of problems in defining what is and isn’t part of a player’s uniform. Furthermore, some argue that players with long hair choose to accept the risks that come with it.

The NFL and other football leagues are constantly evaluating and updating rules to improve player safety and preserve the sport’s integrity.

With the ongoing debate over hair-pulling tackles, there is a chance that the rule will change in the future. If the NFL decides to outlaw hair-pulling tackles, it will most likely be to reduce injury risk and promote fair play.


While the current rule considers a player’s hair to be an extension of their uniform and thus fair game for opponents, concerns about player safety and fairness have prompted discussions about potential changes.

It would not be surprising to see this rule revised as the sport evolves and safety precautions become more important.

The future of hair-pulling tackles in American football is uncertain, and the outcome of this debate could have far-reaching consequences for how the game is played and perceived.

Football fans will undoubtedly be watching with bated breath to see how this unique aspect of the game develops in the coming seasons.

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