Why Doesn’t Boris Johnson Comb His Hair? (Truth Revealed)

Why Doesn't Boris Johnson Comb His Hair

Often seen ruffling through his signature unkempt hair, Boris Johnson, the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, has sparked a quirky curiosity among the masses.

In fact, it has become an intriguing question: why doesn’t Boris Johnson comb his hair? Moreover, does he deliberately mess his hair up?

Let’s delve into the charismatic world of this political personality, from the name of his unique hairstyle to the cost of his haircut. As a cherry on top, we will also take a nostalgic peek into Boris Johnson’s hair when he was young. Get ready to have your curiosity quenched!

Why Doesn’t Boris Johnson Comb His Hair?

Unlike the polished, sleek hairstyles typically associated with politicians, Boris Johnson sports a different look. His hair, perennially tousled and messy, has become as iconic as the man himself. Why?

The answer might lie in the realm of psychology and public relations. Boris Johnson’s disheveled hair, oddly, makes him appear more relatable and less elitist to the general public.

Despite his privileged background, this everyday, down-to-earth image allows him to connect with voters across different walks of life.

Does He Deliberately Mess His Hair Up?

Despite the perpetual state of disarray, many ask if Boris Johnson deliberately messes his hair up. The answer may surprise you.

Numerous accounts have reported seeing Johnson tousling his hair before public appearances, interviews, or photo opportunities. Indeed, the seemingly haphazard hairstyle is likely an intentional part of his public persona. It’s a visual signal that communicates his image as an unconventional, approachable, and somewhat eccentric leader.

Boris Johnson Hairstyle Name

The Boris Johnson hairstyle is synonymous with the man himself. In fact, it’s difficult to envision him without his tousled, mop-like hair.

While there’s no specific name for his hairstyle, it could best be described as a ‘disheveled crop’. This hairstyle deviates from the standard, well-groomed styles favored by many politicians, thus setting Boris Johnson apart.

Boris Johnson Haircut Cost

As for the cost of Boris Johnson’s haircut, it is another interesting facet. Although his haircut seems rather simple, as per reports, it is far from inexpensive.

According to the sources, the Prime Minister’s haircuts are usually done by high-end London barbers, and the cost is estimated to be in the hundreds of pounds. This contradicts his ostensibly casual hairstyle but underlines the importance of maintaining his iconic look.

Boris Johnson Hairdresser

Boris Johnson’s hairdresser deserves a special mention. The person behind the Prime Minister’s recognisable ‘disheveled crop’ is a high-end stylist in London.

These experts skillfully maintain the semblance of casualness while ensuring that Johnson’s hair is neat enough for his role as the nation’s leader. The identity of the stylist is often kept confidential, adding another layer of intrigue to Johnson’s hair saga.

Boris Johnson’s Hair When He Was Young

A glimpse into Boris Johnson’s younger years reveals that his now-iconic disheveled hairstyle was not always a constant.

Pictures from his past show him with neatly combed hair during his school and university days. However, as he stepped into the world of politics and media, his hair began to acquire its characteristic tousled look.


The mystery behind Boris Johnson’s hair, from its style to its upkeep, has been a topic of endless fascination.

While some may consider it unorthodox, there’s no denying that his hairstyle plays an integral role in shaping his public persona. It reinforces his image as an approachable, relatable figure who stands apart from the traditional political elite.

By breaking away from conventional norms, Boris Johnson has created a unique personal brand, anchored by his distinctive disheveled crop. So, the next time you see him ruffling through his tousled hair, remember that it’s not merely a hairstyle—it’s a cleverly crafted part of his political identit

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