How Much Do Sisterlocks Consultants Make: Career, Earnings, and Becoming One

How Much Do Sisterlocks Consultants Make:

Sisterlocks consultants are trained professionals with expertise in creating and maintaining natural, micro-sized locks that are thin, lightweight, and require minimal manipulation.

They provide personalized advice and services to clients, helping them achieve their desired Sisterlocks style.

In this article, we’ll explore who Sisterlocks consultants are, their role, how much they make, and how to become one. If you’re considering a career in the world of Sisterlocks, read on!

Sisterlocks Consultants: Who Are They and Their Role

Sisterlocks Consultants

Sisterlocks consultants are knowledgeable professionals who specialize in creating and maintaining Sisterlocks – a natural, micro-sized locking technique for hair.

They work with clients to discuss their personal hair care history, style preferences, and the right Sisterlocks type for them.

Additionally, they provide ongoing maintenance to ensure the longevity of the locks.

A Sisterlocks consultant must have a deep understanding of natural hair care and the ability to choose the right Sisterlocks technique for each client.

How Much Do Sisterlocks Consultants Make?

The income of a Sisterlocks consultant can vary depending on their level of expertise, client base, location, and the services they offer.

To give you an idea of their earnings, they typically charge:

  • $50 per client for consultations
  • $500 to $800 for installation
  • $150 to $200 per session for maintenance and retightening

Many consultants also offer additional services such as hair washing, conditioning, and styling.

Some even sell their own hair care products and accessories specifically designed for Sisterlocks.

These additional offerings can further increase their income.

On average, Sisterlocks consultants can make around $100,000 per year, but this figure can be higher or lower depending on their expertise, skill level, and the services provided.

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How to Become a Sisterlocks Consultant

The journey to becoming a Sisterlocks consultant is both exciting and rewarding. This guide outlines the six-step process, providing a more structured approach to what you can expect along the way.

Step 1: Set Up Your Workspace

Before beginning your journey, consider where you will service your clients. Whether it’s a private space in your home, a rented salon suite, or an existing salon workspace, ensure it’s comfortable and welcoming for clients.

Step 2: Register for Sisterlocks Training

To become a consultant, you must complete the official Sisterlocks training program. Visit the Sisterlocks website to register and select your training dates. As of 2023, the program comprises 19 hours of online training (including a 3-hour Zoom session) and 16 hours (two days) of in-person training. Remember, there is a $375 non-refundable deposit, so be sure to select dates you can commit to.

Step 3: Arrange Your Training Reservations

After registration, make necessary arrangements to attend the in-person training. If the training site is far from your residence, consider booking a hotel or Airbnb for the training duration. Remember, the online training component begins two weeks before the in-person training and requires some flexibility in your schedule.

Step 4: Purchase Required Materials

The following items are necessary for the Sisterlocks course:

  • Mannequin head (Afro Textured Hair)
  • Tripod clamp
  • Duckbill clips
  • Butterfly clamps
  • Rat tail comb

Ensure you have these materials ready before starting the course.

Step 5: Network and Connect

During the course, take the opportunity to network with your classmates. Whether they are experienced locticians, mothers, or fellow beginners, these connections can be invaluable resources as you begin your career. Upon completing the course, join the exclusive Sisterlocks trainee/certified consultants Facebook group for ongoing support.

Step 6: Launch Your Sisterlocks Business

Finally, with training complete, you’re ready to start your business. Establish your working hours, create an efficient system for clients to book appointments, prepare your workspace, and begin promoting your services. As your experience grows, consider pursuing your Sisterlocks certification to further establish your expertise and credibility.

Becoming a Sisterlocks consultant involves thoughtful planning, appropriate training, and a commitment to creating a comfortable and professional client experience. By following these steps, you’re well on your way to a successful career in this rewarding field.

Other tips for becoming best sisterlocks consultant are:

  • Gain a solid understanding of natural hair care and the Sisterlocks technique by conducting research, reading books, and attending workshops.
  • Build your client base by networking, advertising your services, and showcasing your work on social media platforms.
  • Continuously update your knowledge and skills through ongoing education, workshops, and industry events.

Should You Become a Sisterlocks Consultant?

Are you a fan of natural hair? Do you enjoy helping people? If so, becoming a Sisterlocks consultant could be an exciting opportunity for you.

As a Sisterlocks consultant, you would provide services such as consultations, installations, maintenance, and education to clients interested in the technique.

Also, one of the main advantages of becoming a Sisterlocks consultant is that you can be your boss. You can set your hours, prices, and services.

As an independent consultant, you can control your schedule and workload, allowing you to balance work and personal life more.

In addition to that, sisterlocks consultants can earn a good income. As a consultant, you can set your prices, and the demand for the service is high.

However, there some cons to become a sisterlock consultant and they are:

Sisterlocks has gained popularity in recent years, leading to an increase in the number of Sisterlocks consultants. The competition can be stiff, making it challenging to build a client base, especially if you are new to the industry.

Becoming a Sisterlocks consultant requires physical labor, including standing for long hours, working with your hands, and leaning over clients.

Is Sisterlocks Expensive?

Sisterlocks can be considered expensive, particularly when compared to other natural hair care options.

The installation process is labor-intensive and time-consuming, often taking 6-8 hours to complete.

Maintenance and retightening are required every 6-8 weeks, which adds to the overall cost.

However, many clients find the investment worthwhile due to the low-maintenance nature and versatility of Sisterlocks.

Certified Sisterlocks consultant vs trainee (Sisterlocs Practitioner)

Sisterlocks, a unique and innovative approach to natural hair care, has grown in popularity among people of African descent. Two critical roles in this domain are Certified Sisterlocks Consultants and Sisterlocks Practitioners, also known as trainees. Each has distinct qualifications and responsibilities, contributing in unique ways to the Sisterlocks community.

Certified Sisterlocks Consultant

A Certified Sisterlocks Consultant is a highly trained professional who has completed an extensive training program and met the certification criteria set by the Sisterlocks brand. These individuals have gone through a three-day Sisterlocks training course, undergone a six-month probationary period, provided the necessary documentation of their work, and finally passed the certification assessment. As a result, they’re fully authorized to offer Sisterlocks services to clients.

Certified Sisterlocks Consultants not only install Sisterlocks but also provide ongoing maintenance, product advice, and invaluable hair care guidance. Their training allows them to handle a broad range of hair types, sizes, and lengths. They also have a deep understanding of the Sisterlocks philosophy, contributing to a client’s journey of self-discovery and empowerment that accompanies the adoption of this natural hair management system.

Sisterlocks Trainee

On the other hand, a Sisterlocks Practitioner or trainee is an individual who has completed the initial three-day Sisterlocks training course but has yet to complete the certification process. These practitioners are actively learning and honing their skills, typically working under the guidance of a Certified Consultant.

Sisterlocks Practitioners are allowed to provide Sisterlocks services to the public but must be clear about their trainee status to potential clients. This is to ensure that clients fully understand the level of expertise they are receiving.

Though they may lack the extensive experience of a Certified Consultant, these practitioners still provide a high standard of service, following the Sisterlocks methodologies they’ve learned during training. In addition, working with a Practitioner can often be a more affordable option for clients.

While both roles are vital in the Sisterlocks community, there are key differences between them. A Certified Sisterlocks Consultant offers a wealth of experience, comprehensive knowledge, and a high degree of professional credibility. A Sisterlocks Practitioner, though still in a learning phase, provides an accessible entry point for clients seeking to embark on their Sisterlocks journey.


Becoming a Sisterlocks consultant can be a rewarding and lucrative career choice for those interested in natural hair care.

By investing in your skills, expertise, and client base, you can build a successful career as a Sisterlocks consultant and help clients achieve their desired Sisterlocks style.

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