Why Are My Braids Slipping Out?( Fix Loose Braids)

Why Are My Braids Slipping Out

If you love braiding your hair, you know how frustrating it can be when your braids start to slip out or unravel.

Not only does it ruin your hairstyle, but it can also damage your hair and cause breakage.

So why do braids slip out and how can you prevent and fix them?

Why Are My Braids Slipping Out?

Here are some of the reason why your braids are slipping out:

Hair Texture: When your hair possesses excessive softness, often due to chemical relaxing or perming, it becomes susceptible to braids slipping down and detaching from your natural hair.

Braid Size: Smaller braids or twists tend to have a higher likelihood of slipping, particularly when hair care products like oils and sprays are used.

Hair Care Products: The utilization of specific hair care products, such as oils and sprays, can induce slipperiness in your hair, making it challenging for the braids to maintain their grip.

Installation Technique: The manner in which the braids are skillfully installed also impacts the likelihood of slippage. If the braids are installed excessively tightly, they may risk breakage. Conversely, if they are not adequately secure, they may easily come undone.

Hair Growth: It’s natural for braids to gradually loosen over time due to regular hair movement and the growth of your hair. However, it’s important to discern between this normal loosening and excessive slippage issues, which may not be attributed solely to hair growth.

How to prevent braids from slipping out?

Here are some suggestions to help maintain the longevity of your braids without them slipping out:

  • Hair Preparation: Ensure that your hair is thoroughly cleansed and free from any oils or conditioners before starting the braiding process. These products can create a slippery surface, potentially causing the braids to loosen and come undone.
  • Braid Size: The size of your braids plays a crucial role in their durability. Smaller braids tend to hold better than larger ones.
  • Braiding Technique: Pay close attention to your braiding technique. It’s important to strike the right balance—braiding tightly enough to secure the hair in place but not excessively tight, which could lead to discomfort or damage.
  • Hair Care Products: After completing your braids, steer clear of heavy oils or sprays as they can make your braids slippery and prone to slipping.
  • Nighttime Care: To minimize frizz and breakage, wrap your braids using a silk or satin scarf when you go to bed. Alternatively, sleeping on a silk or satin pillowcase can reduce friction and help maintain the integrity of your braids.
  • Scalp Moisturization: Keep your scalp well-moisturized using oils such as grapeseed, castor, or tea tree oil. This not only prevents itching but also contributes to the longevity of your braids.


In conclusion, maintaining secure and long-lasting braids involves careful consideration of factors like hair texture, braid size, and installation technique.

To prevent braids from slipping out, prioritize hair preparation, choose an appropriate braid size, and employ proper braiding techniques.

Additionally, mindful product usage, nighttime care, and scalp moisturization are key to preserving your braided hairstyle and minimizing damage.

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