How Long Does a Shaving Brush Last?

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Fan of wet shaving?  You might be wondering how long a shaving brush will last.

The life span of a shaving brush depends on how well you use it and how you take care of it. In this article, we’ll talk about how long you can expect a shaving brush to last and what you can do to care for it.

How long does a shaving brush last?

how long does shaving brush last

The lifespan of a shaving brush largely depends on its quality, the materials it’s made from, and how well it’s maintained. Generally, a well-cared-for, high-quality shaving brush should last anywhere from 10 to 15 years or even longer.

A shaving brush typically comprises two main components: the bristles and the handle. The bristles can be made from various materials, including badger hair, boar hair, horse hair, or synthetic fibers.

Brushes made with badger hair are often considered the highest quality and tend to last the longest, although synthetic brushes have improved dramatically in recent years and can also be quite durable.

The handle of a shaving brush can be made from a variety of materials, including wood, bone, horn, metal, or plastic. Handles made from durable materials, such as certain types of wood or high-quality plastic, are less likely to crack or degrade over time.

How well you maintain your shaving brush will greatly impact its longevity.

Types of shaving brushes and their life span

Types of shaving brushAverage life span
Badger Hair Brush10-15 years
Synthetic Bristle Brush5-10 years
Boar Hair Brush3-5 years
Horse Hair Brush3-5 years


Here are a few tips to help extend the life of your shaving brush:

Rinse Thoroughly: After each use, rinse your brush thoroughly with warm water to remove all soap or shaving cream. Soap residue can damage the bristles over time.

Dry Properly: Allow the brush to dry completely after each use. This prevents moisture from remaining in the base of the bristles, which can cause them to deteriorate. It’s best to hang the brush with the bristles facing down to allow the water to drain away.

Avoid Extreme Temperatures: Very hot water can damage the bristles and cause the glue holding the brush together to loosen. Always use warm or cool water to rinse your brush.

Handle with Care: Be gentle when lathering to avoid breaking the bristles or loosening the knot that holds them in place.

What makes shaving brushes wear out?

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Here are the reasons why shaving brushes wear out:

  • Quality of hair on shaving brush: Badger, boar, and synthetic hair are commonly used as hair or bristle on shaving brushes. The quality of hair determines how long a shaving brush will last. Higher-quality hair, such as silvertip badger hair, is less likely to wear out compared to lower-quality hair.
  • Frequency of use: The more often you use the brush, the quicker it will wear out.
  • Faulty technique: How you use the brush is also important. Vigorous and applying more pressure can cause the brush to wear out faster. 
  • Water: Hard water with high mineral content can increase wear to the brush. Hot water can weaken the hair and soften any adhesives used in the brush.
  • Beard product: The creams and gels you use when left behind due to lack of proper cleaning can corrode the brush and weaken the hair.

    When to replace a shaving brush?

    When should you consider replacing your shaving brush? You might be wondering. Well, if you find these problems with your brush, then it is time to get a new one.

    • Scaly build-up on base: It’s time to either clean your brush or replace it if you notice a scaly build-up near the base of the knot.
    • Excessive hair shedding: Few hairs shedding from a shaving brush is normal, but if you notice an excessive amount of hair falling out, it may be time to replace it.
    • Knot fell out of handle: If the knot falls out of the handle, it’s time to buy a new brush.
    • Wear down hair beyond repair: Replace your shaving cream, if the hair on your brush is wearing down and becoming shorter.
    • Hair too floppy: Floppy hair on brushes makes brushes difficult to use. If you’re having this problem, then you should consider replacing the shaving brush. Also, replace it, when it no longer retains its stiffness and shape.

    If you notice any of these problems with your shaving brush, it’s best to take action and get a new one.

    Maintaining shaving brush: Do’s and Don’ts


    • Clean the brush thoroughly with warm water. Make sure to remove any soap or lather residue.
    • After proper cleaning, store the brush suspended in the open air. Completely dry it. Avoid moisture and dampness.
    • Use a stand or holder to store the brush to maintain its shape and prolong its life.
    • Use mild shampoo or soap designed for shaving brushes to clean the brush.
    • Never use a towel to dry the brush, as this can damage the bristles.


    • Never wring the brush as it can cause the bristles to splay.
    • Avoid hot water. If you use hot water, it will weaken the bristles and adhesives and decrease their life.
    • You should avoid moisture and dampness so don’t keep shaving brushes in a closed container or airtight bag. Also, this will cause bacteria and mold to grow on the brush.
    • Using harsh chemicals, such as alcohol or bleach, to clean the brush, can cause damage to the bristles and handle. So, never use them on shaving hair.
    • Soap or lather residue cause corrosion and weaken the bristles. Remove them entirely after using brushes.

    Best Shaving Brushes

    • Fendrihan – B&W Synthetic
    • Parker – Pure Badger
    •  Stout 24mm Shaving Brush
    •  Omega – “Pro 49”
    •  Omega – S-Brush
    •  Satin Tip – The Purest
    • Vikings Blade – Dark Stallion Luxury Badger Brush
    • Perfecto

    Bottom Line

    A shaving brush can last for decades or longer if you take good care of it.

    Also, the lifespan of the shaving brush depends on the quality of the hair. So, invest in high-quality shaving brushes if you want them to last for long duration.

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