Can You Use Hair Pomade on Beard? (Do’s and Don’ts)

can you use hair pomade on beard: a man with a goatee and a beard

Wax or petroleum present in pomade coat the hair strands and protect them from the humidity and freeze. When properly used in hair, pomade makes it smooth slick, and shiny. It is used in dry hair to achieve the desired style.

That being said, can you use hair pomade on the beard? Or, should you avoid it? Let’s find out.

What is hair pomade and its benefits


Hair pomade is a styling product known for its waxy or greasy consistency, which can offer a range of finishes from matte to shiny.

Pomades are excellent for a variety of hairstyles, especially those that require a slick, high-shine finish, like pompadours or classic slick-backs.

Benefits of hair pomade include:

  • Versatility: It works well with a variety of hair lengths, textures, and styles.
  • Shine: Pomades can provide a light to high shine, depending on the product.
  • Hold: They offer a strong hold that’s flexible, unlike some other products which can harden in the hair.
  • Re-styleability: Unlike gels that harden, pomades remain pliable throughout the day, allowing for restyling.

Can you use hair pomade on beard?

Yes, you can indeed use hair pomade on your beard, and there are several reasons why you might choose to do so.

Control and Styling: Just like with hair on your head, pomade can help to control and style your beard. The hold that pomade provides can help keep your beard looking neat and styled throughout the day, taming unruly hairs and helping to shape your beard as desired.

Moisture and Shine: Pomades often contain ingredients like natural oils and butters that can help to moisturize and condition your beard, adding a healthy shine and making it look more groomed.

Texture and Volume: Depending on the type of pomade you use, it can also add texture and volume to your beard, making it look fuller and more robust.

However, it’s important to note that not all hair pomades may be suitable for beard use.

Some pomades may contain ingredients that are not ideal for facial skin, which can be more sensitive than the scalp.

Therefore, it’s always a good idea to look for products specifically designed for beard use or to test a small amount of product on your skin first to ensure there’s no adverse reaction.

Additionally, while pomade can be a useful tool in your beard grooming arsenal, it’s also important to maintain a regular beard care routine that includes washing and conditioning your beard to keep it healthy.

What will happen if you use hair pomade on your beard? (Side effects)

If you use hair pomade, built for scalp hair, on the beard, it can be harmful to sensitive facial skin.

It might lead to irritation, dryness, and flakiness on your facial skin, and make your beard look greasy. The ingredients present in the hair pomade are not suitable for the beard and affect its overall health. So, it is not recommended to use hair pomade on the beard.

Difference between hair pomade and beard pomade

Hair PomadeBeard Pomade
Contain ingredient that is suitable for scalp hairSpecially designed for facial hair and skin
Ingredient present in it dry out the skinContent moisturizing ingredients for beard and skin
Irritate delicate facial skinKeeps the skin hydrated

Can you use pomade on mustache?

Pomade can certainly be used on a mustache. It can help you shape and hold your mustache in place.

However, you cannot use hair pomade on a mustache, just like a beard as it can irritate the sensitive upper lip.

So, use pomade for the beard to use on the mustache.

Can you use Murrays pomade on your beard?

You can use Murray’s pomade on your beard which is created by keeping scalp hair in mind.

However, you should remember that beard hair and scalp hair are different in texture and structure, as well as, the skin on the face is more delicate and Murrays pomade can cause irritation.

Due to this reason, it may be more effective to use a pomade specifically formulated for beards, as it will be better suited to the unique needs of facial hair and skin.

Is hair pomade better than gel?

The choice between hair pomade and gel depends on your hair type and your desired hairstyle.

Gels provide a firmer hold than pomades and can help achieve a structured look. They’re also good for managing frizz and flyaways. However, gels can make hair crispy or flaky once dried.

Pomades, on the other hand, offer a flexible hold and a shine that can range from matte to glossy, depending on the product.

They won’t dry out, allowing you to adjust your hairstyle throughout the day. But they might not provide the same level of hold as a gel, especially for very thick or unruly hair.

Is it OK to sleep with pomade?

While it’s not harmful to occasionally sleep with pomade in your hair, it’s generally not recommended as a regular practice.

Leaving pomade in your hair for extended periods without washing can lead to product buildup, which can make hair greasy and may clog the hair follicles, potentially inhibiting healthy hair growth.

If you do sleep with pomade in, consider wearing a hair cap to prevent the product from transferring onto your pillow.

Clay, Pomade, Gel and Cream: What’s the difference

These are all different types of hair styling products, each with their own unique characteristics:

Clay: Hair clays are typically made with a base of bentonite, a natural clay that swells when mixed with water. Clays provide a high hold with a matte finish, adding volume and texture to the hair without a shine.

Pomade: As described above, pomades offer a flexible hold and a variable shine, allowing for a variety of styles from sleek and shiny to more matte and textured.

Gel: Hair gels are typically water-based and provide a strong, rigid hold with a wet, shiny finish. They’re ideal for structured styles but can make hair stiff or flaky.

Cream: Hair creams offer light hold with a natural finish, making them ideal for taming frizz, adding a light shine, and enhancing natural texture. They’re typically the most hydrating of these products.

Bottom Line

Hair pomade can be used on a beard. But, it is not recommended. As the ingredients present in the hair pomade are not suitable for the beard and sensitive skin. Due to this reason, you should consider using a pomade specially designed for the beard to use on it.

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