Why Is Some Of My Hair Straight And Some Curly?

why is my hair curly and straight at same time

Have you ever wondered why your hair seems to have a mix of straight and curly sections?

If you’re curious about the science behind your unique hair texture and want tips on how to care for it, you’ve come to the right place.

In this blog post, we’ll explore the mystery of having some hair striaght and some curly and learn how to manage and maintain its mixed textures.

Why Is Some Of My Hair Straight And Some Curly?

Why Is Some Of My Hair Straight And Some Curly?

Before we understaind why some of your hair is straight and some curly, we need to understand what determine to have straight and curly hair in first place.

Your hair can be straight or curly because of your family genes.

Think of genes like instructions that you get from your mom and dad. These instructions tell your body how to build everything, including your hair.

So, if your mom or dad has curly hair, these instructions might tell your hair to be curly too. It’s like passing down a family trait, just like how you might inherit the color of your eyes or your height from your parents.

Hair grows from tiny pockets in your skin called hair follicles.

These follicles are like the roots of a plant. Now, these follicles are not all the same. Some are shaped like circles, and others are a bit different.

The shape of the follicle decides what your hair will look like when it grows out. If the follicle is like a perfect circle, your hair will stay straight as it grows. But if it’s not perfectly round, your hair can start to curl as it gets longer. So, it’s kind of like the shape of the ground where a tree grows affecting how the tree looks when it grows tall.

Why Is Some Of My Hair Straight And Some Curly?

The reason some of your hair is straight and some curly is because of how your hair naturally grows and how it’s cut. Usually, sides of scalp have curly hair and straight hair are present on top.

You can think of your head like a garden with different areas. The sides and back are like a dense forest, with lots of trees (your hair strands) close together. This makes them naturally wavy or curly. But the top of your head is more like an open field, with fewer trees (or hair strands), so it tends to look flatter.

Sometimes, the length of your hair matters too.

If you have long hair on top, it can weigh down and make your hair appear even flatter, like tall grass bending over because it’s too heavy.

Also, each part of your head might have hair growing in different directions, like one side growing forward and the other backward. This can affect how your hair looks.

The hair on top might also be finer or have a different texture than the sides and back, like comparing two different types of fabric.

So, it might not hold curls as well, making it look flatter.

Lastly, how your hair is cut plays a big role. If the top is cut all the same length or without layers, it might not have the volume and texture that the sides and back naturally have.

To fix this, you can try changing your haircut. You might want to go for shorter styles on top or even get an undercut, where the sides and back are much shorter than the top.

This can help balance out the look. You can also use hair products, like sea salt spray or crafted paste, to add texture and scrunch your hair to make it look more even.

Remember, your hair’s appearance depends on its natural traits and how it’s cut and styled.


In conclusion, if you’ve been wondering why some of your hair is straight and some curly, the answer lies in your genes and a variety of external factors.

But rather than seeing it as a challenge, embrace your unique hair texture. With the right care and hair products, you can flaunt your hair, be it straight, curly, or a mix of both.

Embrace your uniqueness, and always remember: Your hair is beautiful just the way it is.

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