Why is My Gray Hair Coming in Curly (Explained)

Why is My Gray Hair Coming in Curly

Are you witnessing an unexpected twist in your hair transformation?

Is your once straight, smooth hair growing in curly as it turns gray? Indeed, this can be quite surprising, yet you’re not alone in this experience.

In this post, we’ll explore why your gray hair may be coming in curly, diving into the scientific reasons behind this fascinating phenomenon. We’ll also provide tips on managing and embracing these changes, to help you feel confident and positive about your silver curls.

Why Is My Gray Hair Coming In Curly?

Why Is My Gray Hair Coming In Curly

First, it’s crucial to understand that your hair doesn’t actually ‘turn’ gray.

On the contrary, when new hair grows, it can come in gray because it lacks the melanin pigment found in your younger hair. However, you might be wondering why this new, gray hair appears curlier than the rest.

The texture of our hair is determined by the shape of our hair follicles.

Oval-shaped follicles produce curly hair, while round follicles result in straight hair. As we age, various factors such as hormonal changes and genetics can alter the shape of our hair follicles, which could potentially cause your hair to grow in curly.

Hormonal Changes

Another reason behind this curly transformation could be hormonal changes.

With age, our body undergoes numerous shifts, including hormone fluctuations.

These hormonal changes can affect the texture of your new hair growth, often resulting in curls.

For instance, during and after menopause, a significant drop in estrogen levels can cause hair to become more brittle, dry, and in some cases, curly.


Up against the factor of hormones, genetics also plays a role. The way your hair changes, including the curliness or straightness, can be influenced by your genetic makeup.

Therefore, if someone in your family experienced a change in hair texture with age, you may also follow the same path.

How To Care For Your New Curls

Embracing these changes is crucial. After all, in spite of the sudden shift, it’s a natural process. Start by investing in hair products designed for curly hair.

These can help to moisturize and define your curls, making them look vibrant and healthy. Additionally, a good cut from a stylist who understands curly hair can enhance the shape and bounce of your curls.


To sum up, if your gray hair is coming in curly, remember it’s a perfectly normal and natural process.

It can be attributed to factors such as changes in hair follicles, hormonal shifts, or genetics. Therefore, embrace your new silver curls with open arms and a positive attitude.

They represent the journey you’ve been on and the wisdom you’ve accumulated. Truly, they are something to be celebrated.

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