Why does Violet have black hair?

Why does Violet have black hair

Every now and then, we encounter fictional characters with intriguing features that leave us asking, “why?” One such question that has likely piqued your interest is, “Why does Violet have black hair?”

In this blog post, we will explore this peculiar attribute of the character Violet and discuss the symbolism, cultural influences, and creative aspects that might have led to her being depicted with black hair.

Keep reading as we delve into this interesting topic.

“Why does Violet have black hair?

Firstly, the decision to give Violet black hair could be influenced by the principle of contrast. Contrast plays a significant role in visual art and design, and this rule applies equally in character design.

Black hair against a fair skin tone provides a stark visual contrast, making the character more visually striking and memorable.

Furthermore, black hair might have been chosen to visually distinguish Violet from other characters, ensuring she stands out in the viewer’s mind.

Symbolism and Character Traits

In storytelling and character creation, hair color can serve as a symbol to communicate certain character traits or themes.

Black hair, in many cultures and stories, is associated with mystery, strength, independence, or even rebellion. For Violet, her black hair could symbolize a complex personality or hint at a rich and layered backstory yet to be explored. Besides, it creates an aura of intrigue around the character, thereby drawing the audience in.

Cultural and Artistic Influences

On the other hand, Violet’s black hair might be a reflection of cultural or artistic influences. In many Eastern cultures, black hair is the norm and is often associated with beauty and elegance.

Additionally, the creators might have been influenced by gothic or punk aesthetics, where black hair is common and signifies a certain edginess or non-conformity. Indeed, in this situation, Violet’s black hair could be a nod to these cultural or artistic trends.

The Art of Character Design

Lastly, character design is as much an art as it is a science. While contrast, symbolism, and cultural influences are important considerations, the final decision might come down to the creative instincts of the character designer.

It’s possible that Violet was given black hair simply because the designer felt it suited her personality or aesthetic best, creating a character that is both compelling and visually interesting.


In conclusion, the question, “why does Violet have black hair?” can have multifaceted answers.

The decision could be based on principles of contrast, symbolism associated with black hair, cultural or artistic influences, or simply the creative instincts of the character designer. Regardless of the reasons, it is clear that Violet’s black hair contributes to her unique and captivating character design.

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