Why Do Hairdressers Dye Hair Before Cutting: Here’s The Reason

Why Do Hairdressers Dye Hair Before Cutting

If you’ve ever been to a hair salon for both a haircut and dye job, you might have noticed that hairdressers often dye your hair before cutting it. You may wonder, “why is this the case?” This blog post will explore why hairdressers dye hair before cutting it, answering all your burning questions.

Why Do Hairdressers Dye Hair Before Cutting: Reasons

The reason hairdressers often dye hair before cutting it is that the ends of the hair usually get damaged after applying dye.

Coloring can dry out your hair, making the ends brittle and prone to breakage. Hence, hairdressers prefer to color your hair first, then trim off the damaged ends during the haircut.

Ends Get Damaged After Applying Dye

When dye penetrates the hair shaft, it can damage the hair cuticle, leading to dryness and split ends.

By coloring first, hairdressers can ensure they’re removing these damaged ends when they cut your hair. This method provides a fresh, healthy look to your newly colored hair.

Should I Dye My Hair Before or After a Haircut?

Whether to dye your hair before or after a haircut can depend on several factors.

If your hair is already dry and damaged, it might be best to cut first. But if you’re getting lots of layers added or you want subtle highlights, coloring first can ensure a more even result.

Dry and Damaged Hair, Choosing Different Hair Cut, Adding Lots of Layer

If you have dry and damaged hair, it’s advisable to cut your hair before dyeing it. Cutting your hair first can get rid of damaged ends, allowing the dye to take more evenly.

If you’re changing your hairstyle drastically or adding a lot of layers, your stylist might prefer to color your hair first. This allows them to see how your hair falls naturally and place the color more precisely.

When to Cut Hair First Before Dye

There are certain instances when it’s better to cut your hair before dyeing. For example, if you’re transitioning to a short hairstyle, it’s better to cut first to avoid wasting color on hair that’s going to be cut off anyway.

When to Color Your Hair First

If you’re looking to lighten up your shade or add highlights, it might be best to color your hair first. This is because the color process can give your stylist a better idea of where to place the highlights or how the lighter shade will look with your cut.


In conclusion, the decision to dye hair before cutting is often up to the stylist, based on the condition of your hair and the look you want to achieve. While there are general rules, like coloring before cutting to remove damaged ends, there are also exceptions based on specific circumstances.


How soon after I cut my hair can I dye it?

It’s generally safe to dye your hair immediately after cutting it, especially if the ends are healthy.

Is it bad to cut your hair then dye it?

No, it’s not necessarily bad to cut your hair and then dye it. However, if your hair is damaged, dyeing it first allows the stylist to cut off the damaged ends afterward.

Should I cut or dye first if I want only subtle highlights?

In this case, it might be better to dye first. This allows the stylist to see where the highlights would naturally fall before cutting.

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