How to Stop Hair Getting Caught In Necklace? (Solution)

how to stop hair getting caught in necklace

Hair getting caught in the necklace is a common problem most people experience, especially people with long hair.

Tangled hair on the necklace not only looks ugly but is also painful as it pulls out the hair. If you’re experiencing this problem with your favorite necklace, don’t worry you don’t need to replace it.

Quick Answer: To stop hair getting caught in Necklace, do these things

  • Wear necklace chain such as snake and box chain that won’t pull hair
  • Use necklace hair protector
  • Use Candle wax
  • Close open ring

In this article, we will show you the correct way to get rid of hair from the necklace and, most important of all, ways to stop hair getting caught in necklace in the first place.

Why hair get stuck in necklace?

Hair often gets caught in necklaces due to the mechanical interaction between the two.

Necklaces, especially those with intricate designs, links, or clasps, can act like hooks that catch and trap loose hair strands.

The movement of your head, neck, or even the wind can cause your hair to get twisted around the necklace.

This is a common issue for individuals with medium to long hair. Fine or damaged hair, which has more texture, can be more susceptible to getting tangled in jewelry.

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How to remove hair from Necklace

How to remove hair from Necklace

First, try this simple solution. Take a needle, pin, or tweezers, and gently untangle the hair not present in the necklace. This will do the job in most cases.

However, if the knot is too tight, use lubricants like olive oil or baby oil on your necklace to loosen the hair knot.

Some hair may remain on a necklace, for that, you just scissor to cut them free.

Another solution is to use hair removal cream. Apply it to the necklace and wait for 5 to 10 minutes. Hair removal cream breakdown keratin molecules of hair and thus makes it easier to wipe or wash away. Don’t worry it won’t damage your necklace.
Removing hair from necklace using hair removal cream

If these solutions don’t give you any results, then the last option remaining is to put your necklace on fire if it is of metal. It will burn away the hair and what left is behind is a clean necklace.

But, if don’t want to try this solution for yourself or are worried that they will damage your favorite necklace, in that case, I suggest you seek the help of a professional jeweler to do this job for you.
Removing hair from necklace by burning it


How to stop hair getting caught in necklace

Prevention is better than cure. And, it also applies here.

Avoid hair getting caught in the necklace and for that do these things:

  • Wear necklace chain that won’t pull hair: The rope, snake, and beaded chain necklace don’t pull out the hair. Wear a necklace with a clasp that does not pull hair such as a lobster or barrel clasp. Or, wear a necklace with no clasp. Magnetic-style clasps don’t pull out the hair, so you can try them too.
  • Use necklace hair protector: One of the easiest solutions is to use a necklace hair protector if don’t want to change the necklace that won’t pull hair. You can find many clasp covers for necklaces, including ones made from cloth, ribbons, and aquarium tubing. Don’t want to spend money on a necklace protector, you can use clear tape to wrap the necklace in the place where it catches hair.
  • Use candle wax: Use the candle wax on the rough area of the chain, and it will prevent hair from getting caught. I know it is not a permanent solution and you’ve to repeat it every month or so.
  • Close the ring: Close the open ring on the chain using needle-nose pliers.

Necklace Protector

A necklace protector is a simple yet effective accessory designed to shield your hair from getting tangled in your necklaces. They are especially beneficial for those who love wearing necklaces but struggle with the persistent issue of their hair getting caught.

Necklace protectors often come in two main types: tube and disc protectors.

Tube Necklace Protectors are usually made of soft, pliable materials such as silicone or soft plastic. They function as a sheath that you thread your necklace through. The tube provides a smooth, hair-resistant barrier between your necklace and your hair, effectively preventing any tangles.

Here’s how you can use a tube necklace protector:

  • Detach the clasp of your necklace.
  • Slide one end of your necklace into the tube.
  • Thread the necklace through the tube until it emerges from the other side.
  • Reattach the clasp of your necklace.

Disc Necklace Protectors, on the other hand, are small discs or beads that you attach to the clasp of your necklace. They’re often made from smooth materials such as polished metal or plastic. When the necklace is worn, the disc protector sits against the nape of your neck, providing a barrier that prevents stray hairs from getting caught in the clasp.

Here’s how you can use a disc necklace protector:

  1. Open the clasp of your necklace.
  2. Attach the disc protector to the clasp of your necklace.
  3. Close the clasp. When worn, the disc should sit against the back of your neck.

A necklace protector is a must-have accessory for anyone who regularly wears necklaces. It can save you from a lot of discomfort and prevent potential hair damage. And given its affordability and ease of use, it’s a small investment for a significant benefit.

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Necklace chain that won’t pull hair

If you’re looking for a necklace chain that won’t pull hair, consider the following types:

Snake Chains: These chains have a smooth and silky texture with no open links, reducing the chances of hair entanglement.

Box Chains: While these chains do have open links, they are tightly linked together, creating less opportunity for hair to get caught.

Omega Chains: These chains have a smooth, flat profile, similar to a ribbon, and are less likely to snag hair.

Rope Chains: Despite the name, these chains are made with tightly woven links that make it difficult for hair to get caught.

Silk or Leather Chains: These are not traditional metal chains but can be a good alternative if metal chains continually catch your hair.

How to stop hair getting caught in button

Hair getting caught in buttons, especially on high-collared shirts or coats, can be annoying. Here are some suggestions to prevent this:

Hairstyles: Similar to the advice for necklaces, tying your hair up or styling it away from your collar can significantly reduce the chances of it getting tangled in buttons.

Clothing Material: Opt for clothing with smooth buttons that are less likely to catch hair. Metal buttons or those with textured surfaces can be more prone to catching hair.

Positioning: Consider the positioning of your hair when you’re putting on your coat or jacket. Take a moment to ensure that your hair is clear of the area where you’re fastening the buttons.

Accessorize: Consider using scarves or other accessories that can cover the buttons and prevent your hair from getting caught.

Bottom Line

Getting hair caught in your favorite necklace can be a painful and damaging experience, but don’t worry, you can get rid of them easily if follow the advice mentioned in this article.

If the hair on the necklace is tangled so much that you can not get rid of it on your own, seek the help of a professional jeweler. Or, if it is beyond repair, consider turning it into a bracelet or anklet, or if it is not precious, simply throw it away.

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