How To Add Weight To Hair? (Simple Trick)

How To Add Weight To Hair

If you have fine, flat, or curly hair, you may find it difficult to keep it from looking too light, frizzy, or poofy.

You may want to add weight to your hair to make it look sleeker, smoother, and more defined.

But how do you do it without weighing it down or making it appear greasy? In this article, we’ve some natural and healthy ways to add weight to your hair.

How To Add Weight To Hair?

Here are tips to add weight to your hair without harming it:

Choose the right haircut

The length and shape of your hair can have a significant impact on its weight.

Shorter styles with volume and movement are better for fine and flat hair, while longer styles with long, blended layers are better for curly hair. Hairstyles that are too long, lack shape, or do not contour your face can make your hair appear flatter and thinner.

You can also add extensions to add density and definition, but for the best results, consult a professional stylist.

Use moisturizing products

One of the primary reasons hair appears light and frizzy is that it is dry and damaged.

Moisturizing products can help hydrate your hair, seal the cuticle, and give your curls some body.

Look for sulfate-free shampoos and conditioners, as sulfates can strip your hair of its natural oils and moisture.

Look for products that contain natural oils, butters, proteins, or humectants, as these can hydrate and strengthen your hair while also making it more elastic and resilient.

Apply products correctly

The amount of weight your products add to your hair can also be affected by how you apply them.

Avoid using too much product or applying it too close to the roots if you have fine or flat hair, as this can make your hair look limp and oily.

Instead, apply a small amount of product to your hair’s mid-lengths and ends, concentrating on the areas that require more volume or texture.

Apply enough product to your curls to coat them evenly and thoroughly, as this can help define and weigh them down.

Apply product to wet or damp hair, working your way up from the ends to the roots.

Dry your hair properly

The amount of weight in your hair can also be affected by how you dry it.

Avoid using too much heat or completely drying your hair if you have fine or flat hair, as this can cause your hair to lose its natural bounce and body. Instead, use a blow dryer with a low or medium heat setting, or let your hair air dry partially before finishing with a blast of cool air.

You can also add volume and lift to the roots with a round brush or a diffuser attachment. Avoid rubbing or twirling your curly hair with a towel, as this can cause frizz and breakage.

Instead, gently squeeze out the excess water from your curls with a microfiber towel or a cotton t-shirt. To enhance your curl pattern, you can also let your hair air dry completely or use a diffuser attachment on a low heat setting.

Experiment with different styles

Changing your hairstyle can sometimes add weight to your hair.

For a quick flat hair fix, try spritzing some texturizing spray and pulling your hair into a bun, adding height with a side part, or whipping up two French braids.

For curly hair, try twisting or braiding it before bed, pinning down any flyaways with bobby pins or clips, or smoothing down any frizz with gel or mousse.


Adding weight to your hair does not have to be difficult or costly. You can make your hair look sleeker, smoother, and more defined in no time by using these simple tips and techniques.

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