Can I Use Relaxer Without Activator? (Answered)

Can I Relax My Hair After Washing It

A relaxer is a chemical product that straightens or loosens curly or coily hair by altering its structure.

An activator is a liquid that is mixed with relaxer cream to start the chemical reaction that breaks down the bonds in the hair.

Many people have questions whether they can user relaxer without activator. Let’s find out.

Importance of using activator with relaxer

The activator plays a pivotal role within the hair relaxer system, serving multiple crucial functions:

  • Activation of the Relaxer: The activator acts as a catalyst for the relaxer cream, enabling it to effectively modify the hair’s structure. Without the activator, the relaxer cream would lack the ability to achieve the desired straightening effect.
  • Facilitating Straightening: The activator assists in the straightening process by aiding in the disruption of the natural bonds in the hair responsible for its curl pattern. This disruption allows the hair to be reshaped into a straighter form.
  • Hair Moisturization: Activators often incorporate nourishing ingredients that provide moisture and conditioning to the hair. This moisture infusion helps minimize the potential damage caused by the relaxer, contributing to overall hair health.
  • Enhancing Hair Texture: Additionally, the activator can enhance the texture of the hair, rendering it softer and more manageable.
  • Protecting Against Damage: Through its role in activating the relaxer and facilitating the straightening process, the activator serves as a safeguard against excessive damage to the hair. This protective function promotes the maintenance of healthy and resilient hair, even after undergoing the relaxing treatment.

Can I Use Relaxer Without Activator?

The relaxer cream would not work properly without the activator and could cause hair damage.

Using a relaxer without the activator is not a good idea.

The activator is what makes the relaxer work properly. If you use less activator than recommended, it might make your hair less straight and more soft, but it’s not safe and could cause problems like uneven results, scalp irritation, hair breakage, or burns.

It’s best to follow the instructions on the relaxer product and use the right amount of activator for your hair type and length.

Trying natural methods like using oils, vinegar, milk, honey, eggs, or yogurt to relax their hair without chemicals. But these methods may not work well for everyone and can have side effects like dryness, frizz, bad smell, or allergies.

If you don’t want to use activator, you could explore other options like using heat tools, getting a keratin treatment, or permanent straightening.

However, these methods also have their own issues like cost, maintenance, damage to your hair, or health concerns.

So, it’s essential to do some research and talk to a professional before trying any hair relaxing method.


In conclusion, using an activator with a hair relaxer is crucial for achieving safe and effective results. Attempting to use a relaxer without an activator can lead to hair damage, uneven outcomes, and potential health risks.

Exploring alternative methods or consulting with a professional is advisable for those seeking different options for hair straightening while prioritizing hair health and safety.

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